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Welcome to Jim's Utilities area. These utility scripts are set processes / functions / sub-routines that Perl Services' programmers use repeatedly. Simply "require" the desired utility before using it for the first time. In most cases, the sub-routine name is identical to the file name without the extension on the end. For example, to use the "" utility, download it and place it in the same directory as your main script. In you main script, near the top and before you call the utility, add this line of code :

require "";

To call the utility use this line of code :

	the email format is good, keep going         
} else {
	the format is bad, warn the user

Download All ( 22kb, 3 seconds ) &
Backup & Restoration for ASCII files.
Validate the format of an e-mail address
Get and build the date in various formats
Convert a date into the name of the day it falls on.
See a servers environment variables and features ( Stand Alone )
Determine the age of a file in various formats
Specify a string length and make all strings fall within that length. Works great for User Names and Passwords.
Take an input URL and force it into the format.
Eliminate the need to type the code to open a file over and over.
A powerful and robust parsing routine for form input. Plugs a lot of security concerns.
If your script is creating directories, you need this to prevent people from browsing those directories.

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