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PS Lightning Search 3.1

Supported Servers : Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Sun, BSDOS, Mac, Windows
Price : USD $35.00
Requires : Perl / cgi-bin
Version : 3.1
Original Release Date : April 2002
Latest Release Date : March 2009
F.A.Q : Click here for F.A.Q.
Users Guide : Click here for Users Guide
Online Demo : Admin Demo

Quality Perl Script Guarantee This Perl Script has been quality guarantee stamped by our customers. If this script does not perform for you on your server as advertised, we'll issue you with a full refund plus a 10% credit voucher.

PSLightningSearch is a powerful full-text search engine for your website. It is feature rich with options and settings on both the Admin side and user side that makes this program truly amazing!

PSLightningSearch supports site indexing and live website searches. The "Indexer" stores full text strings, including Meta Tag content from your web pages in to a single searchable database. Then, all searches are performed on the database file as opposed to "live searches". Add to that, advanced search, algorithms, highlighted results, templated no match message, and Admin controlled functionality and you have a fun, easy to use, website search tool at your command.

To order, simply click here to load our Secure Order Form and we'll deliver the scripts to you immediately we receive your request.

Search results for the term : perl search script

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Perl CGI Search Script...
... perl script for your website ... CGI search results printed to your pages, in lightning ... is a powerful full-text search engine for your website ... incorporating advanced and simple search form generators as well as advanced algorithms ...

PerlServices Award Winning Search Script
... four years of experience shone through today when PerlServices' Perl Search script was .... plugs straight in to your website with no configuration required. ...

Automated Setup
... search scripts setup utility automatically creates all required directories and files on ... your entire website is indexed on demand allowing website visitors to perform real time live searches or indexed searches for greater speed and efficiency ... admin panel empowers you with complete control of results page, even when there are no matching results returned ...

Key Features and Benefits

  • Displays paginated results so as to not overwhelm your visitors.

  • Displays most relevant results first.

  • Customize the No Results page so visitors to do not hit a dead end.

  • Specify which directories to search and which to exclude from searching.

  • Specify individual documents to be excluded from searches.

  • Specify a list of keywords to will be ignored to speed up searches.

  • Copy n Paste the HTML code for both Simple and Advanced Search forms.

  • Records detailed counts for searched keywords.

  • Records and counts keywords searched for analysis.

  • Specify whether the program does whole word matching or partial word matching.

  • Case sensitive or insensitive searching.

  • Any word, all words or exact phrase searching.

  • Search form generated for you to place on any of your web pages.

  • Use your own website content in search result pages.

  • Will search content in Static files (not dynamic content generated on the server side).

  • Plug and Play script. Install on your web site and you're ready to go.

  • Compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, Sun and BSDOS servers.
You can try out our own sites search engine using the search form above or log in to the Admin Demo to see what you'll see once the scripts are installed on your webiste server.

Remember, this search engine is performing a full text search on ALL documents on our website, which at present total well over 800. We've tested PSLightningSearch on sites with approx. 2200 full length documents with satisfactory results. We can safely say you would have to have in excess of 2000 documents before noticing a drastic change in the speed of the searches. If you have even more documents, and find this flat file version becomes a little cumbersome, we also offer a MySQL version with progress site indexing.

See the Users Guide for full documentation.

Powerful full-text search engine, including Meta Tags, for your website. Feature rich, easy set up, comprehensive documentation, keyword search statistics and log, password protected Admin section so you can control the functionality of your Search pages. Supports site indexing, live website searches, paginated results (xx results per page), highlighted matched words, custom page if no results produced, exclude documents, directories and keywords, simple and advanced search forms. MySQL version for monster sites also available.

Purchase and install a web site search for your visitors on your site now.

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