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Form Processor with no SPAM from robots.

Manage Remote websites from your website. Allow clients to update sections of their own web pages.

Secure file manager with upload progress meter. A printer's best friend. Find out more.

Page Updater Pro (Text) 2.1

Supported Servers : Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Sun, BSDOS
Price : USD $50.00
Requires : Perl / cgi-bin
Version : 2.1
Original Release Date : April 2004
Latest Release Date : April 2009
F.A.Q : Click here for F.A.Q.
Users Guide : Admin Guide Client Guide

In August 1998, PerlServices released Page Updater. It quickly became the site's most popular program and is currently in use on thousands of sites around the world. A year later he wrote the Pro version which supported multiple pages. It wasn't put in general distribution but was released "on request".

After many requests and suggestions, Perl Services finally re-wrote Page Updater Pro and tweaked it out beyond belief for V2.0! Now with the release of version 3.1, the program which rocked webmasters will now blow them away with it's totally re-designed interface, extended functionality, auto-create SSI CGI scripts, auto-create SSI CGI code and SSI tag creator!

Here is what this powerful little program will do for your website or web business!

Page Updater Pro Features

  1. Manage multiple content files for one or more websites from one location. (Relativistic limit is 1,500 different content files).

  2. Two separate administrator logins (sub-administrator does not have delete privileges).

  3. Manage content to be displayed on remote servers. Yes, that's right. Install the program on one server and allow it to update the content of web pages on different servers all around the world!

  4. Manage all content files from any Internet accessible browser anywhere in the world. On vacation, on business trips and even at your in-laws after dinner.

  5. Update an entire page or scale down and permit the update on one small portion of a web page. We call this "zoning".

  6. Program automatically generates an executable SSI script on your server for local content update. Just click the button and it's ready to go. The program will even display the correct SSI tag for you to copy and paste into your HTML document.

    Want to rename that SSI script? NO PROBLEM! Go ahead and rename it, the program provides a function for you to click on the SSI tag syntax creator, input the file name and then returns the new SSI tag for the new script name!

    Running your SSI script on a remote server? NO PROBLEM! The program comes with a remote utility that allows you to do the exact same thing on ANY SERVER! This feature alone, removing the headache of trying to determine your correct SSI tag syntax, could be worth the price of the program itself!

  7. Program will automatically generate the SSI file coding for your remote SSI updates. Just click the link, the program will print the CGI application to your browser screen. You just then click File-Save As and give it a name with a .cgi extension. If you're using IE then you will be prompted to save to disk!

    No hassle of setting the correct content ID variable, no hassle of having to set the correct remote URL access variable, it's all done for you! Just save to disk and upload and chmod on your remote server, put the SSI tag in your remote HTML document! That's it!

  8. Set up a single HTML document with multiple "zones" that will allow one user or several different users to update different portions of one page.

  9. Specify for each individual content file whether or not HTML is permitted in it.

  10. You can set the program so that it permits the content to be displayed on pages of a specific name only (To help thwart "Content-Jackers"). This setting is specific to each individual content file!

  11. You can set the program so that it permits the content to be displayed on pages on a specific server only. This setting is specific to each individual content file!

  12. Add multiple users to the program (Relativistic limit is 1,500 users). This means you can have a single user updating a single page or multiple pages (one login to access all permitted pages), you can have multiple users updating a single page or you can have multiple users updating specific areas within a page and separate users updating other areas within a page! The flexibility and power here is phenomenal. All your website clients can update their website's content on all of the different servers they reside on from one single program on your server over which you have absolute control!

  13. For each user, you can specify the individual content files that they are permitted to update. Give them access to one content file (HTML page) or multiple content files (HTML pages), the choice is yours! You have absolute freedom and complete control over who does what!

  14. Intuitive and very easy to use interface. So simple you won't have to get the kids to work it for you!

  15. On-line users guide accessible from the program. We even have set up a separate users guide for your end users.

Some possible uses we've thought of:

  • Set up all your website's page headers and footers with Page Updater Pro and you can update your header and footer content, site wide, from one location. Just think, a single change in one place can updates hundreds of pages instantly!

  • Does you organization have a schedule of events that changes often? Give the remote access SSI script to all of your organizations members, associates and interested parties. They can then display your organizations schedule and it will remain current. All pages, no matter on how many sites, will display your new content as soon as you update it in ONE place!

  • Do you want to offer a temperature/weather display service for your town/county? Use Page Updater Pro and you can update the weather and temperature on every single website in your town/county that registers with you!

  • Does your restaurant/bar have lunch and dinner specials that change daily? Use Page Updater Pro to allow your chef to change these specials on you website every day. No HTML needed. No FTP access needed.

  • Does you school have a website? How about letting the sports teams, drama club, chess club and student council update coming events or recent achievements. No student access to the server necessary.

  • Does your website store offer weekly specials to attract customers? Have to go to the webmaster for every single text change? Have them setup Page Updater Pro and you can update the weekly special yourself!

  • Does your club, organization, school or special interest group want to offer individual pages to all their members? Your server doesn't allow you to set up multiple FTP accounts? No problem! Use Page Updater Pro to give everyone their own web page!

  • Are you a webmaster? Do you have one or more clients who are tying up your time with constantly changing content? Set up the updateable zones with Page Updater Pro. You'll suddenly have the time to work on all your new projects without the phone ringing all the time!

  • Do you have a fair or carnival or festival coming up? Let all the different committees/groups update their own content and leave you alone!

  • Teachers! Is your science/computer class learning HTML? Use Page Updater Pro to allow your students to practice on a live Internet page without giving them FTP access to the server!

  • There are SO many potential uses for this program they are limited only by your imagination.

Notice to webmasters/web developers: Perl Services recognized the power and flexibility that this program gives you. Therefore, those of you who register a commercial license or upgrade to a commercial license have an additional option of making this a branded application for one site license.

If you wish to make this a branded customization, our copyright links can be removed for a fee. The current fees for copyright removal can be found here.

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