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Form Processor with no SPAM from robots.

Manage Remote websites from your website. Allow clients to update sections of their own web pages.

Secure file manager with upload progress meter. A printer's best friend. Find out more.

Client File Manager 6.03

Supported Servers : Unix, Linux
Price : USD $147.00
Requires : Perl / cgi-bin
Version : 6.03
Original Release Date : September 2007
Latest Release Date : June 2009
F.A.Q : Click here for F.A.Q.
Users Guide : Click here for Users Guide
Online Demo : Admin Demo Client Demo

Client File Manager is an excellent utility for websites/businesses that have clients who must routinely deliver them files. Some of these files can be large and really bog down a persons e-mail, plus they could wind up on your home computer, your lap top or work computer. Client File Manager allows you to have all these files stored and easy accessible in one place. Accessible from anywhere in the world an internet connection is available!

Client File Manager will fulfill most website's and business' needs. We've recently extended the abilities and functionality of Client File Manager beyond what you ever thought was possible! SOme of the standard features include :

File Fetch:
File Fetch allows the user the ability to retrieve files across the web. All they have to do is enter the URL to a document and the File Fetch utility will retrieve that file and store it in their own personal folder.

Shared Dropbox:
Give your site's visitors the ability to upload files to a shared folder making it available to all Users.

Private Dropbox:
Each User has their own Private Directory accessible only by them and the Administrators. Client File Manager support multiple Administrators and each Private Dropbox can have sub-directories created either by the User or Administrators.

File Caption:
Each File uploaded can have notes or captions attached to it, so each User, CLient or Staff Member is aware of the File's history.

File Security:
Not only can the entire program, including File transfers, be run over a secure connection (SSL) but Files are also protected on the server from prying eyes with HT Access Basic Authentication (provided your server supports it).

Personalized Autoresponders:
We've added 4 AutoResponders, each of which can be personalized and customized using any information you require in your sign up form. Each autoresponder can also be switched on or off. Two of the autoresponders (one at sign up time and one for each file upload) are for Admin, and the other two are used as "Thank you" messages sent to the User.

While this program was written for all Users to be created by the Administrator only (to restrict and control access), you also have the ability to switch on Self Registration enabling your website visitors to self-register for an "account" or "folder". All User self-registrations automatically notify Admin.

Max Capacity Benchmark: 3.5 Gigabytes!!
Client File Manager uploads are handled by the same upload engine as all of our Upload scripts, some of which have been used to successfully transfer files as large as 3.5 Gigabytes in size (single file). This is not the limitation of the program, rather, it is simply the largest file transferred that we are aware of so we use it as our benchmark.
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