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Manage Remote websites from your website. Allow clients to update sections of their own web pages.

Secure file manager with upload progress meter. A printer's best friend. Find out more.

Privacy Policy Please view our complete and comprehensive privacy policy by clicking here

Payment Policy
    Currency Accepted
Unless otherwise stated, all Perl Services estimates, quotations and invoices are in US Dollars.

All project estimates require a 50% deposit, followed by a further 30% when the project is 50% complete (as deemed by with the remainder due upon completion of the project.

Unless otherwise stated, all invoices are in US Dollars.

Project quotes for Projects expected to exceed 10 hours are charged at $60. This amounts is then deducted from the total Project quote should the quote be accepted.

Perl Services will accept payment in the following forms:
  • Secure Online Order Form.
  • PayPal

    Refund Policy
It is the goal of Perl Services to establish long-term relationships with our clients. As such, it is of the utmost importance that you be satisfied with our work and the functionality of our scripts. At the same time we believe that we have produced superior scripts by a dedicated team and we stand behind our work.

In many places on our site we have demonstrations of our scripts for your appraisal. We expect that if you purchase a script after going through a comprehensive demo that you were fully aware of the script's abilities and limitations at the time you placed a purchase order for the script.

If you purchase a script that does not have a demonstration, and you find any fault with it in scope, functionality, or any other reason we will refund your money minus a nominal administration fee in the first 15 days after the date of purchase. The administration fee will be a minimum of $7.00 and a maximum of $30.00, depending on the amount of work performed at the request of you the customer, email communication required to satisfy you the customer, or support given to you the customer. Pre-sales questions or attempted installation is not deemed to be a chargeable service.

If you purchase a script that has a demonstration, and you for some reason change your mind and desire a refund, we do not feel it appropriate to issue a refund as we provided every opportunity to evaluate the script prior to purchase.

If you purchase a script (with or without a demonstration) and you are unable to install it on your server, you should contact our installation team, and for a modest fee we will install the program for you. If we are unable to install the program on your server, we will refund BOTH the cost of the script AND the installation charge minus a nominal administration fee for processing the refund of the initial purchase.

We will not provide a refund if the end user (you) determines the purchased script to be unsuitable. We will not exchange one product or service for another product or service unless a refund application is deemed to be successful.

If you find a bug or error in one of our scripts and want a refund (and this bug/error is verified by our staff), we reserve the right to correct the bug or error within 5 business days, or we will refund the entire purchase price provided you remove the script from any server or website on which it was installed and destroy your copy of the program.

    Pro Bono Work
Occassionally, Perl Services staff members will provide programming services for accredited charities, clubs and organizations for no fee. Such application of services without fee shall not constitute a precedence or requirement for Perl Services to provide future, similar, services for no fee.
If you are interested in our Pro Bono work and believe your firm/project qualifies, please contact us for further discussion.

Content Policy

Perl Services endorses and promotes freedom of speech and expression on the Internet. However, Perl Services will not provide ANY services for any organization that we perceive to promote hate, prejudice, ridicule or malice based on the race, religion, or sex of any individual, group or organization. If a project has been started and it then becomes known that the client or clients site violates this policy, all work will cease immediately and all payments are forfeit. Perl Services will also not provide any programming services for sites that contain adult (pornographic) content. I respect your freedom of speech and assembly, however, I simply choose not to work on these type of sites.

If you are unsure whether or not your site conforms to this policy, please contact us. We will review your site and advise you of our decision.

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