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Form Processor with no SPAM from robots.

Manage Remote websites from your website. Allow clients to update sections of their own web pages.

Secure file manager with upload progress meter. A printer's best friend. Find out more.


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Free Perl Scripts

Access Log Viewer
Access Log Viewer will take your access log and turn it into something easily readable by a human. It also will help take that that data and analyze it, turning it into a basic reporting tool.

Allform is a full service utility for gathering information from web site visitors, passing it on and storing results. At its core is a basic form-mailer engine but it is much more than just form-mail!

Epoch Converter Viewer
Convert seconds to dates, and dates to seconds since epoch. Unix time stamp conveter. Requires MySQL.

Error Log Viewer
Pinpoint the cause of script errors! This utility will become your best friend!

Invoice Center
Invoice Center will allow you to accept multiple payments from your website. Capabale of being run on a secure server, this program allows you to setup and fully configure a payment depot in minutes. All results are stored and on your server.

PS Upload
PS Upload has been around for years! It was originally written by Mark Knickelbain and has grown in popularity steadily. PSUpload is a quick and easy to implement utility for permitting the upload of files (ASCII & Binary) to your server from your web site.

Question Manager
Web Site Question Manager is a program that helps you with the repetitive and time consuming task of responding to clients/site visitors questions. By using Web Site Question Manager, you can generate a fully customized response to a persons question in as little as thirty seconds

FTP server goes down and you need to change permissions? Your FTP login won't let you change permissions? Here is the answer. Depending on the user that the script is running under, you can change the permissions on any file or directory on your server.

QuickHT is a fast and dirty utility for the professional web master/web developer. What it does is give you a one step process to add Basic Authentication login to any directory on your server.

Site File Finder
Put Site File Finder on your server and you can simply enter a file name or directory name and the program will search every single folder from your main web space folder on down through all levels of sub-folders until it finds it. The program will then return the exact path to the script so you can quickly retrieve it.

Site File Lister
Site File Lister will list every single file on your server from the main web space folder on down through all levels of sub folders. All folders and files are listed asciibetically.

SSI Tag Maker
This utiltiy takes all the guess work out of coding SSI Tags and will show you the exact syntax to create your SSI tag to place in your HTML document.

Free Perl Modules

MongerMail is an object oriented module that will permit you to send e-mails from your perl program with attachements, using sendmail.

MongerFile is an object oriented module that will permit you to more easily manipulate files from your Perl program.

MongerCalendar is an object oriented module that will permit you to easily access a plethora of information about any given month in any year between 1800 and 2099.

MongerPersist is a Perl module that simplifies the emulation of state retention between successive calls to a CGI script written in Perl.

Free Perl Utilities

Perl Utilities
All Free Perl Services utility scripts are available in one combined ZIP file.

Free JavaScripts

The popular numbers game storming the world. Rus this from any major browser while online or offline.

All scripts are delivered as Zip files.

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